Video bloggers rule the internet. Whether you want to run a video blog about your workout routine or your pet cat Mittens, you are going to need a high-quality camera in order to capture your content. Fortunately, technology has come a long way over the years and now many professional bloggers need only the right camera phone in order to showcase their work. Today we are going to look at three high-quality camera phones that we think are perfect for professional blogging.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The tech crowd has so often followed where the industry juggernauts at Apple have led them, and professional bloggers are no different. Apple released their iPhone 7 Plus to rave reviews and it truly stands up to the task. Professional bloggers will fall in love with the iPhone 7 Plus for all of the traditional reasons you go to an Apple product: it is easy to use, long lasting, and incredibly proficient.

The biggest benefit to rolling with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus as your primary camera phone for blogging is the hardware. The 7 Plus has a front camera (7MP at F/2.2) and a rear camera (12MP at F/1.8 – F/2.8). Both of these cameras feature high-quality sensors that capture color better than any other option on our list. The 7 Plus also has the sharpest picture of all the cameras on our list thanks to a few improvements to the lens. You are able to do sharply focus your content while blurring out backgrounds now, much like a professional DSLR. Professional bloggers will also enjoy the lightning quick processing time.

Google Pixel

Google is still breaking into the camera phone marketplace but their latest addition, the Pixel, might be just what you need. Professional bloggers are going to need a camera that has rock solid benchmarks and the processing ability to capture high-quality content in real time. The Google Pixel, as well as the XL, is equipped with a front camera (8MP at F/2.4) and a rear camera (12.3MP at F/2.0). This 12MP sensor allows for more light into the camera, thus giving you a clearer image with sharper colors.

We particularly enjoy that you can shoot video on your Google Pixel at 4K and 30 FPS. The rise of 4K technology has started to bleed into the consumer entertainment field and bloggers should definitely take notice. Being able to shoot in 4K while handling low light situations can put this camera phone right up to par with more traditional video recording options. Still, there are a few drawbacks — less support from the Application marketplace and the lack of waterproof hardware supported by Google.


The final camera phone we will highlight for blogging applications is the HTC U11. HTC hasn’t traditionally made lists like this before but their hard work has paid off and the U11 is flagship phone that bloggers and videographers can get behind. The HTC U11 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field thanks to its high-quality camera sensors — the front camera is 16 MP at F/2.0 while the rear camera slots in at 12 MP at F/1.7. This elaborate camera set up has been labeled the UltraPixel 3 and it offers some of the quickest processing times for rapid focusing on our list.

What most impressed us about the HTC U11 is that it offers 4K video that excels in low light. The stabilized image you get from video on this camera is nothing short of impressive. This is the perfect camera phone for bloggers who need high-quality video and don’t care about all of the extra frills associated with it.


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